We take pride in quickly resolving any issues, but please understand that some requests may take a little longer than others. If you feel that we may have forgotten about your request, feel free to contact us or re-submit it at any time.


Please Read Before Submitting:

  • DO NOT remove smoke detector batteries; it is a safety hazard for all living in Park Plaza. Let us know when your detectors are beeping.
  • Any lights that you can access without removing any fixtures you are responsible to replace. If the lights have a cover or need any tools to access, please request new bulbs from us.
  • Garbage Disposals are not made to dispose of EXTRA food, please put excess food in the trash.  Also, please make sure the disposal and faucet are running before you put things in it.
  • Please be gentle with the drawers, if you are having issues with one of your drawers please let us know before any more damage is done.
  • DO NOT remove any screens from the windows, if you do please put it back ASAP.