Basic Information



Rent + Utility fee of $45 is due on the first of every month…

• You have until the 5th of every month at 5pm to pay this.
• You can pay online 24/7. Convenience fees apply if you pay with a Credit/ Debit card. Echeck payments are always FREE!


• Gas, electricity, water, garbage, sewer, and basic cable are connected in the landlord’s name.
• For 2017- Residents will receive a bill each month with their rent.
• Your actual utility usage will be broken down and posted on your online account.

Internet* and Telephone are the responsibility of the tenant.

• *Each apartment has a Google Fiber Jack, which means that your apartment is Google Fiber Internet ready.
• Register with Google and they will do the rest.
• Currently Google Fiber offers a free month-to-month plan that has download speeds of 5 mbps.


Click on a link below for information about the 2 Wards.

22nd Ward (1st & 2nd Floors)
17th Ward (3rd Floor)


Open MONDAY-SATURDAY 8:00am to 10:00pm (closed Sundays)

Be sure to give yourself time to finish your laundry before it closes because we will not re-open it for ANY reason. Please be respectful of the laundry room and of other people’s personal belongings. DO NOT remove other people’s laundry. Time your laundry…it takes 26 min for the washers and 15 min for each dryer cycle. DO NOT OVERLOAD WASHERS! Be sure to read instructions inside washer door on washer load limit. If you overload these machines the motor will burn out and YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE COST OF REPAIR.

Cost per load

Washers: $1.50
Dryers: $.25/15 min


Open MONDAY-SATURDAY 8:00am to 10:00pm (closed Sundays)

Please remember you must be present with any guest you bring. Please leave the areas better than you found them! The clubhouse has both a ping-pong table and a piano for tenant use.


$50 per semester

We have 102 parking spots and we sell 102 parking passes. To get a parking pass you must do the following things in order.

    • Fill out the parking application, by clicking here: Parking Application
    • Bring your money to the office during office hours to pick up your pass

If you don’t do these steps in this order, you will not receive a pass. Parking stickers are for Tenants ONLY. If you do not have a car then you do not need a parking sticker. We have had problems in the past with tenants buying passes for friends. This will not be allowed. Anyone who is caught buying a sticker for a non-tenant will lose parking privileges.

We require vehicle registration and driver’s license when buying a parking sticker, so make sure you bring them to the office. Stickers will not be given without both.

Parking stickers give you the ability to park in the Park Plaza parking lot. There are no assigned spaces.

    • Visitor Parking

      There are 3 (2-hour) Visitor spots by the office. These spots are available during normal visiting hours (see BYU Residential Living Standard). Be sure to tell any friends not to park in the parking lot unless it is in a visitor spot. If there are no more visitor spots, then they will have to park elsewhere. Anyone without a pass will be booted. We CANNOT get them removed.

      Tenants should not park in ‘Visitor Parking’ during visiting hours.


Here are some more helpful hints for keeping your apartment in working order.

  • You may not use ANY nails or screws on the walls and will be charged for any holes or wall damage we find. (sticky-tac works fine and doesn’t damage)
  • Disposals are NOT for potato/vegetable peels, grease, bones, egg shells or any other non food item. If any one of these items are found in your disposal when we fix it you will be charged for the labor.
  • Your apartment is responsible for replacing any of the standard light bulbs in the apt that are not inside a fixture; i.e. the bulbs over the vanity.
  • We will replace batteries in the smoke alarms, so please inform us if one begins to beep… do not remove it or turn it off! Doing so can lead to a termination of your lease.
  • Do not set the A/C below 65 degrees, the pipes can freeze during inclement weather. Let us know if the pilot light goes out on your heater. Also, make sure the fan is set to AUTO and not ON.
  • Please do not flush any items down the toilet. NO paper towels or large objects. NO FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS ARE TO BE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILETS. Also please clean hair out of drains to keep them from backing up!
  • ALWAYS keep your apt clean and tidy. This is part of the BYU honor code, and your contract. Failure to do so is a breach of the contract. We are serious about our cleaning inspections, and if you are having a hard time with cleaning you will be reported to BYU and can possibly be evicted.